Specialized trading company of wire and strip material that chiefly handles spring material in steel, wire, piano wire, hard steel wire, and stainless line, etc. : ASADA CORPORATION

Company Profile

Business Description

80 Years of Know-How with Customer-Oriented Mind

Since being founded 80 years ago in downtown Tokyo, Asada has been well known as a "Specialized Trading Company for wires and strips" in the industry by having abundant selections of goods, and its reliable accurate delivery.
Also in the present, Asada is striving to retain this time-honoured reputation as a “Trusted Specialized Trading Company” from both customers and manufacturers. Asada also aims to improve still more the service quality for materials related and physical distributions, without sparing pains from the viewpoint of customer-oriented mind.
Asada has a slogan "Think Globally, Act Locally" so that we respond to the internationalized and diversified needs by offering many selections of goods and managing a shipping storage in a top scale. In order to cope sufficiently with the requests in international markets, we have a network hub in Thailand to efficiently cover whole Asia.

Abundant Selection of Goods and Accurate Delivery

Asada has abundant selections of goods produced by the domestic major makers.
Our strength is that we are able to handle many kinds of products because we are an independent company being not slotted under a specific maker.We are handling regularly new products with functionally managed automated warehouse.
Main Manufacturers
 【Wire Manufacturers】                     【Strip Manufacturers】
  Neturen Co., Ltd.                          OSAKA HEAT-TREATMENT Co., Ltd.
  JFE Techno-wire Corporation                 Tokushu Kinzoku Excel Co.,Ltd.
  J-WITEX Corporation                             Nas Stainless Steel Strip Mfg. Co.,Ltd.
  Shinko Wire Company, Ltd.                   NISSHIN STEEL CO.,LTD.
  Shinko Wire Stainless Company, Ltd.             Nippon Kinzoku Co.,Ltd.
  Sugita Wire, Ltd.                          Nippon Metal Industry Co.,Ltd.
  Suzuki Metal Ind Co.,Ltd.
  SUZUKI-SUMIDEN Stainless Steel Wire Co.,Ltd.  【Machinery Manufacturers】
  Sumitomo (SEI) Steel Wire Corp.               Itaya Engineering Ltd.
  Tokusen Co.,Ltd.                          Coil Master Co.,Ltd
  Nippon Seisen Co.,Ltd.                     Gasden Ro Co. Ltd.
  Fujii Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd.                     Sinko Kikai Co.Ltd.

Highest Quality of Service on Products and Distribution

ISO9001: Asada has been aiming at "the Number One Company in Satisfying Customers" since 2008. Asada not onlystrives for price, quality and time for delivery, but we always endeavour to respond to customer’s various requests fast and accurately. The humidity condition is thoroughly controlled to maintain the quality of products at our automated warehouse.

High Skills and Abilities

Engineers for Special Steel Source will be answering all the requests from the customers.
Asada will pay a visit together with maker’s PIC to offer technical services and new product information.

Expanding Network to the World

By exploiting know-how and personal connections which we built in 80 years history,
we are widely developing high-quality "Made in Japan" products to the world.