Specialized trading company of wire and strip material that chiefly handles spring material in steel, wire, piano wire, hard steel wire, and stainless line, etc. : ASADA CORPORATION

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 ISO9001:2008/JIS Q 9001:2008


Customer-Oriented Services


ISO9001 is an international standard enacted in 1987 by ISO for Quality Management and Quality Guarantee. Regulating requirements of Company Management System that includes Quality Guarantee of products, Customer Satisfaction and Renovation, ISO9001 realizes consecutive renovation of Customer Satisfaction and Quality Management System through Quality Guarantee.

JQA-QMA 11649
JQA-QMA 11649

Quality Guarantee

JQA-QMA 11649
JQA-QMA 11649

Asada Group will renovate Quality Management System and drive to strengthen the corporate compliance by clarifying the corporate governance of the group and by consolidating the cooperation of all of Asada Group.


1. Aiming at becoming the Number One Company in Satisfying Customer by offering merchandise which
matches Customer's needs, services, and high-quality products.

2. Aiming at becoming the Trustworthy Corporation Group with a sense of existence to customers, manufacturers, and business.

3. Mobilizing and enhancing the ability of all the employees and aiming to become a corporate body with high-specialized ability with speed.

4. Strengthening the corporate compliance with legal requirements.

ISO9001 Approach

December 2003    Started at Oshiage Office.
             Planned to acquire ISO since milestone of 30-year foundation.
             Acquisition of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was planned at the
              turning point which is 30 years since establishment,aimingat "Bottom-up participation
              by all the employees"
October 1st, 2004  Acquisition of ISO9001(2000 version Certificate)
October 1st, 2007  Renewal of Registration
October 1st, 2010  Renewal of Registration (2008 versionCertificate)
October 1st, 2013  Renewal of Registration