Specialized trading company of wire and strip material that chiefly handles spring material in steel, wire, piano wire, hard steel wire, and stainless line, etc. : ASADA CORPORATION

Company Profile


October 1933 Established Asada Shotaro Store at Narihira, Sumida-ku.

Starts selling wires.
August 1953
Increase in demand, change of organization to corporation.

Capital increase to 2 million JPY, renamed to Asada Store.

Steadily developed as a distributor for top rank wire maker.
November 1967
With expanding of business, Headquarter has transferred from Narihira to Oshiage.

Capital increase to 5 million JPY.
January 1974
Special Steel Source Section has become independent and renamed Asada Corporation.

Capital increase to 30 million JPY.
September 1977
Capital increase for fulfilling overseas strategy to 100 million JPY.
January 1990
Established Noda Distribution Center at Noda, Chiba.
February 1990
Constructed automated warehouse with fully air conditioning facility.
October 2000
Corresponding Asian demand, established Thailand Overseas Office, CHAT-ASADA CO, LTD.
November 2003
Nippon Tokushukozai and Nittoku Sangyou have joined Asada Group.
October 2004
Acquired ISO9001.
September 2005
Completed new building for Oshiage Headquarter.
April 2007
Established Vietnam Temporary Office for strategic hub.
April 2010
Nippon Tokushukozai and Nittoku Sangyou were renamed to Nittoku and Unifas respectively.
June 2011
Launched a wholly-redesigned website, and "Metaly" and "Su" were born as company characters.
August 2015
Established Thailand Overseas Office, ASADA ASIA LTD.

In the early days of Asada
In the early days of Asada

2011 Present
2011 Present